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Candle subscription Australia

Why buy one candle when you can buy many!

Our Candle Subscription service is the perfect gift to spoil someone special, or even spoil yourself!

Sign up for a candle subscription today to ensure you never run out of your favourite scented candle. Choose between our 6-month and 12-month subscriptions and you'll receive a different quote candle in your mailbox every month for the duration of your subscription. What's more, by signing up for a candle subscription you'll save 30% off each candle.

//We will surprise you with a different scent each month, but if you'd like to request your favourites please do so at checkout.//

//Our 6-month Candle Subscriptions incur a $45 flat rate shipping fee for candle shipping throughout your subscription.//

//Please note that your candle subscription will start the month that proceeds the month you buy in.//